Joinbed regulation


1.1 Scope of application

This Regulation applies to services offered by the network of Joinbed sites and apps, which includes

The bed-sharing service contained in this website is managed by Joinbed s.r.l.s., based in Corso d’Italia 11, Rome.

1.2 Definitions

For the purposes of this Regulation, the following are understood as:

  • Joinbed: Joinbed s.r.l.s. is the company that manages the bed-sharing service on the Site and on alternative tools to the Site, such as mobile devices, tablets and other devices and app interfaces.
  • Site: Hypertextual structure of access to the Join platform
  • Alternative tools to the site or apps: Mobile devices, tablets and other devices and app interfaces that allow access to the Join portal
  • Bed: a bed contained in the Joinbed data base
  • Property: The place where the bed is located.
  • Data base: Computer archive
  • Host or Host User: This is the owner or legal occupant of properties located in Italy, who enter their bed in the data base in order to share their accommodation with Italian or foreign tourists for free.
  • Guest or Guest User: This is a person who accesses the data base in order to book a bed in private homes located in Italy, shared with the owner and their family and/or cohabitants for short stays, for the purpose of tourism, subject to payment of a contribution towards the fixed costs.
  • Solidarity meal: This is a meal that the Host User makes available to the Guest User and shared with the Host’s family and/or cohabitants.
  • Typical experience: This is a sharing experience organised by the Host for the Guest (such as: a boat trip; a mountain bike excursion; an excursion in the countryside in contact with nature; cooking, etc.).
  • User: Anyone who accesses the Joinbed Site or apps
  • Jb Account: a set of features, tools and content made available to the User by registering on the Joinbed Site or apps. It is needed to access certain functions of the Site and alternative tools to the Site, as well as to book a bed or enter a bed in the data base.
  • Member of the Jb Community: Anyone who has completed the registration process on the Site or on one of the apps and obtained a Jb Account
  • Jb Service: Any service rendered by Joinbed to a User through the Site or the apps
  • Online booking: Service rendered by Joinbed for the reservation of one or more beds and for the flat-rate reimbursement of fixed costs
  • Booking confirmation: Procedure indicated in art. 8 et seq.
  • Contribution towards fixed costs: This is the amount that the Guest agrees to pay the Host as a contribution towards the expenses of the property, net of booking fees. This reimbursement is limited to expenses, as the Host cannot make a profit from sharing their bed, as established in art. 5 et seq.
  • Gift: a cash gift, of a modest amount, for the purchase of an aperitif, a beer, a dinner or something similar, with which the Guest reciprocates the typical experience offered by the Host.
  • Online booking fees: The commission due by the Host to Joinbed as a fee for the online booking service
  • Content: This means text, graphics, images, music, software (excluding the app), audio, video, information or other material
  • Members’ content: This means all content that a Member enters, uploads, publishes, forwards, transmits or includes in their Member’s profile


2.1 Object of the Service in general

Joinbed s.r.l.s. is the owner of a professional online portal, which is accessible through the website (the “Site”) and through alternative instruments to the Site, such as mobile devices, tablets and other devices and app interfaces (“alternative tools to the site or apps”), which allows the owners or legal occupants of the properties located in Italy (“Host”) to input their property to the data base owned by Joinbed (“data base”), intended for public consultation by Italian or foreign tourists (“Guests”) interested in using accommodation and, more specifically, a bed in private homes in Italy, shared with the relevant Host and their family and/or cohabitants, for short stays for the purpose of tourism, subject to reservation through the Site and the reimbursement of fixed costs.

2.2 Summary of Joinbed services

Through their own site and alternative tools to the site or apps, Joinbed offers the following services:

  • Place of meeting between supply and demand of beds in free sharing
  • Online booking of beds, solidarity lunches and typical experiences
  • Collection of the flat-rate Contribution towards fixed costs
  • Collection of the gift
  • Collection of booking fees
  • Management of cancellations
  • URP assistance service (see paras. 13 and 13.1)


3.1 This Regulation must be considered valid, effective and binding for all Joinbed Users, whether registered or not, from the date of its publication on the Site.

3.2 Use of the Site and of the apps are subject to acceptance of this Regulation; so that, at the time of creation of the Jb Account, Users must tick the “I accept the Regulation” box.

3.3 By accepting this Regulation, the User also accepts the “Processing of Users’ personal data” in accordance with the relevant Privacy legislation.

3.4 In order to improve the quality and efficiency of its Services, Joinbed reserves the right to make changes and/or additions to this Regulation, to the features offered on the Site or the rules of operation of the Service, at its sole discretion, taking care to formalize any amendments on the Site so as to make them public and, from that moment, binding.

3.5 Members can withdraw from this Regulation at any time, using the “Delete Account” option on the Site or by sending an email to: i) in the event of cancellation by the Host, any confirmed reservation will be automatically cancelled and the Guest will receive a refund of the Contribution towards fixed costs already paid through the Site; ii) in the case of cancellation by the Guest, any confirmed reservation will be automatically cancelled; in this case no reimbursement is envisaged.

3.6 Without prejudice to the rights specified below, Joinbed can withdraw from this Regulation at any time by giving 30 days’ notice by e-mail to the User’s registered address.

3.7 This Regulation cannot be transferred to third parties without Joinbed’s prior written consent.

3.8 Any notification or other authorised communication or request referred to in this document, including those concerning changes to this Regulation, will have to be in writing and will be provided by Joinbed: by e-mail (in any case, to the address provided by the User), by publication on the Site or through alternative means to the Site or the apps. Regarding notifications by e-mail, the date of receipt will be considered the date on which the notification is transmitted.

3.9 Failure by Joinbed to exercise any right or provision of this Regulation does not mean that it has been waived, given that any waiver must be in writing and must be signed by an appropriately authorised representative of Joinbed.


Account Jb

4.1 In order to access certain functions of the Site and alternative tools to the Site, as well as to book a bed or to enter a property or bed in the data base, you have to register by providing your personal data (name, surname, age, tax code, qualification, profession, valid phone number and e-mail address) and create an Account (“Jb Account”), which gives the User who makes the registration the status of Member of the Joinbed community (“Member(s)”).

4.2 You can only have one (1) active Jb Account at a time.

4.3 The User is obliged to provide accurate, truthful, complete and current data during the registration process and to update such data to keep them accurate, current and complete, or risk suspension or termination of the Jb Account at Joinbed’s discretion.

4.4 The User is responsible for keeping their own password safe and undertakes not to reveal it to anyone, assuming in any case exclusive responsibility for any activity or action related to their own Jb Account. Users must immediately notify any unauthorised use of their Jb Account to Joinbed through the Site.

4.5 The Site or the apps are intended exclusively for persons aged 18 or over. Any access or use of the Site and of the alternative tools to the Site by anyone under the age of 18 is expressly prohibited.

4.6 Any reference on the Site, the alternative tools to the Site or the apps to the fact that a Member is “controlled” or “connected” (or similar wording) only indicates that the Member has completed the relevant verification or identification procedure; it does not mean anything else. Such indications do not constitute an endorsement, a certification or a guarantee from Joinbed for any of the Members, their identity and whether the Member is reliable or suitable. They are intended as useful information that Users can consider when making decisions about the identity and suitability of the individuals they contact or interact with through the Site, the alternative tools to the Site or the apps.

4.7 Joinbed has no obligation to perform personal checks on Members or investigations into whether they have a criminal record; nor is it required to know of any crimes of any kind, even of a sexual nature.

4.8 Joinbed invites Members to use due diligence and care in deciding whether to stay with a particular Host, accept a booking request from a Guest or if you have any other type of contact with any other Member.

Use of the Service for purposes other than sharing beds

5. Users undertake to use the Service exclusively for communication and sharing of beds and typical experiences, never in a professional and/or commercial capacity.

5.1 Any activity on the Site may be considered as a professional activity Site if it involves the Host making a profit.

5.2 In any case, Joinbed cannot be held liable in the event of professional and/or commercial use of the Services offered by the Site.

5.3 Joinbed can terminate or suspend a Host’s profile if they use accommodation facilities that are organised for business or commercial purposes to offer beds on the Jb Platform, given that they could derive a profit from it.

5.4 In the event of non-compliance with the rule in point 5.3 Joinbed reserves the right to proceed with the temporary suspension of the Host’s Jb Account and to retain the amounts attributable to it as a Contribution towards fixed costs – to be returned to the Guest – as well as to inform the competent authorities of any professional activity that has been ascertained. In such circumstances Joinbed may, with adequate notice, proceed with the suspension of the User’s Jb Account.

5.5 JoinBed’s activity is limited to a communication service between individuals that offer to share a bed and/or a typical experience not for professional or commercial reasons. The Site is in fact a mere place of communication and at no time can Joinbed interfere in the choices that Users make.

Legal relationship between Host and Guest and nature of the Contribution towards fixed costs

6 The legal relationship between Hosts and Guests in relation to the bed must be considered as a partial loan (download HERE a facsimile of the contract), and as such free of charge, subject to paying a contribution towards fixed costs or modus.

6.1 Since it is a loan relationship it is not possible to provide for any fee or consideration, whether direct or indirect (for example, reimbursement of expenses that have not actually been incurred by the Host). No specific forms are required for the stipulation and a verbal form of contract is allowed; however, it is best to agree the main aspects in writing in order to avoid misunderstandings and possible disputes.

6.2 The Contribution towards fixed costs must be solely a form of reimbursement and the Host cannot make a profit from it under any circumstances.

6.3 This Contribution towards fixed costs is calculated taking into account all the expenses actually incurred by the Host for the Guest’s stay (“Parameters”) including, for example, expenses for: heating, electricity, gas, water, products for cleaning the property, dry cleaners, depreciation of the bed (including the bed-springs and the mattress), pillows, sheets, blankets, lighting and furnishings, foodstuffs (in the case of a reservation for a solidarity meal).

6.4 Any overnight stay offered or realised, any solidarity meal or typical experience must be the object of advance agreements reached by the Users through the Site

6.5 Joinbed reserves the right to cancel immediately the Jb Account of any Host that asks for or accepts money from a Guest outside of the contribution towards fixed costs negotiated through the Site or who hosts a Guest without using our online booking system. Joinbed will carry out periodic checks to monitor conduct of this kind, which is considered extremely serious.

6.6 Joinbed is not a party to any contract between Hosts and Guests and does not carry out any check on the conduct of the latter, declaring from now on exempt from any responsibility for any actions or omissions performed by them contra legem.

6.7 Joinbed is not the owner and/or landlord and/or lessor and/or manager in general of the property units, nor does it play the role of sales agent, estate agent or insurer. Joinbed does not exercise any control over the property units, the beds nor the way that they are managed by the Hosts, so any reservation will be made or accepted at the sole risk of Member of the Community as Joinbed does not intend to accept liability for a third-party’s actions.

6.8 In any case, Joinbed does not guarantee the continuity and reliability of its own Site, alternative tools to the Site or apps, nor the continuity, truthfulness, reliability of their Contents (i.e. the data and information collected from Users). Users are solely responsible for their own actions or omissions, and, it must be reiterated, Joinbed does not intend to accept liability for a third-party’s actions.

Insertion of beds, solidarity meals and typical experiences in the data base

7. Hosts are private individuals, owners or legal occupants of property units located in Italy, who have registered on the Joinbed portal and have entered their own beds in the data base.

7.1 The Host must specify for which period (i.e. day, month, year) the bed is available for booking by Members (“period of availability of the bed”). Furthermore, the Host must specify their willingness to offer the Guest a solidarity meal shared with their family and/or cohabitants or a typical experience.

7.2 With the inclusion of the bed in the data base, the Host undertakes to make it unavailable to any other website or tool aimed at the public, including print media, having tied it for the period of availability of the bed to the Joinbed portal in favour of the Members of the Joinbed community. Furthermore, the Host undertakes to share with the Guest only the solidarity meals and/or typical experiences that have been booked through our Site or apps.

7.3 Joinbed reserves the right to cancel immediately the Jb Account of any Host that violates the rule referred to in point 7.2.

7.4 The Host is not an employee, collaborator, agent, representative or partner of Joinbed and, in any case, the Host always acts in their own name, being the only one responsible for all of the beds and other content published on the Site; as a result, the Host declares and guarantees compliance with all applicable laws in relation to the beds published.

7.5 Hosts are required to take out adequate insurance policies for their own beds, for the solidarity meal and the typical experience, also covering third-party liability.

7.6 Joinbed can offer Hosts the possibility of using a photographer who takes photographs of the bed, for which Joinbed will retain the copyright; these photographs will be made available to the Host and can be entered into the data base under the “verified photographs” icon.

7.7 The Host is directly and exclusively responsible for the fidelity and truthfulness of the photograph of the bed entered into data base, as well as its use. The Host takes a commitment from now on to stop using these images if they no longer represent their bed or if they are no longer the owner. The User agrees that Joinbed holds the copyright and can use images of the bed for promotional, marketing, commercial or other business purposes, in any media or platform. Even if the photographs of the bed were taken by JoinB, it does not in any way intend to give any sort of guarantee as to the photograph’s conformity with the bed.

7.8 For the sole purpose of transparency or prevention or detection of fraudulent behaviour, without any recognition, directly or through third parties, Joinbed can ask the User to provide an identification document issued by a public authority, date of birth and other information, or carry out checks and additional procedures to allow the verification or control of the identity or history of the Members and/or verify the Members’ information in third-party databases or other sources.

7.9 The Host is required to comply with current legislation on free loan, taxes and dues. Joinbed disclaims any responsibility or liability in this regard, also as concerns any declaration of sale of the building, when and if provided.

Booking the bed, the solidarity meal and the typical experience

8. Through the Site, the Guest reserves one or more beds, one or more solidarity meals and one or more typical experiences for a specific period, paying online the amount corresponding to the sum of: the Contribution towards fixed costs, the Gift (if envisaged for a typical experience) and Online Booking Expenses (“Total Contribution”), by credit or debit card or through PayPal.

8.1 The Total Contribution is equal to: € 25,00 for a single bed, € 35,00 for a double bed (or 2 single beds in the same room) ed € 12,00 for each solidarity meal.

8.2 Having received the Total Contribution from the Guest, Joinbed will send an email confirming the reservation to both the Host and the Guest (“Reservation Confirmation”).

8.3 The Host will have to confirm or reject the booking request within 24 hours (“Booking Acceptance Time”), otherwise the request will automatically expire.

8.4 If the Host is unable to confirm or decides to refuse a booking request within the Booking Acceptance Time, the amount received by Joinbed for the requested reservation will be credited back to the Guest.

8.5 When the Host confirms a reservation by the Guest, Joinbed will send an e-mail or a text message or a recorded telephone message confirming the reservation.

8.6 Joinbed does not intend to accept liability nor does it have any responsibility if the Host does not fulfilment their obligation to the Guest, being extraneous to the relationship between Host and Guest.

8.7 From the moment of receipt of the Booking Confirmation, the Host and Guest are also bound by the additional financial provisions laid down in art. 11 et seq. and by the conditions of cancellation of the overnight stay with the online booking system provided for in article 14 et seq.

Booking Fees

9. Joinbed charges Booking Fees to the Guest.

9.1 Booking Fees are added to the amount of the Contribution towards fixed costs (and to the Gift if foreseen) that the Guest pays for the bed and for the solidarity meal, if any, at the time of online booking by debit or credit card or by charging a PayPal account.

9.2 Booking Fees are calculated for each bed or solidarity meal or typical experience, booked through the Booking Service.

Procedure for the repayment of the flat-rate Contribution towards fixed costs to the Host

10. Within 7 days of the end of the stay, by accessing the “Leave a review” section of the Site, the Host and Guest can:

a) confirm to Joinbed that the Guest’s stay at the Host’s house took place for the period that had been planned.
b) leave a review of each other.

10.1 User reviews are very welcome because they are particularly useful to the whole JB community.

10.2 At the end of this 7-day period, unless otherwise indicated by the Guest, it will be assumed that they have tacitly confirmed the use of the bed, as well as any solidarity meal or typical experience with the Host, if booked in advance.

10.3 Joinbed will pay to Host the Contribution towards fixed costs and the Gift, if envisaged, by bank transfer or by crediting their PayPal account on the 15th day of the month following the period that the Guest stayed with the Host.

10.4 If the Host does not provide details of their bank account or PayPal account, they will not be credited with any amount. The coordinates of the bank account and the PayPal account communicated by the Host are stored in the “Bank references” section of the Host’s “Profile” and cannot be seen by any other User.

10.5 Joinbed will not pay the Contribution towards fixed costs or the Gift by any other means except for bank transfer or credit to a PayPal account, so payments in cash or by cheque are excluded.

Additional financial provisions

11. All sums received by Joinbed by way of Contributions towards fixed costs, Gifts and Booking Fees are kept in a separate bank account subject to Italian law. Any payment order made by the User in accordance with these conditions is irrevocable

11.1 Both Guests and Hosts are aware that this bank account is a non-interest-bearing deposit; they therefore recognise that no interest will be paid on the sums of money held in it.

11.2 To minimize attempts at fraud and to prevent money laundering, Users undertake to provide on JoinBed’s request and, in general, on the request of any competent judicial or administrative authority, any information necessary to verify their identity, including any documents certifying their identity and place of residence. In the absence of an immediate response to such requests, users acknowledge that Joinbed has the right to unilaterally adopt any measure it deems appropriate, which might include blocking payments and/or suspending the services provided.

11.3 No payment can be made to a Host if their Jb Account was not opened in their name.

Conduct required of Hosts and Guests

12. The Host undertakes to:

  • comply with the exclusive agreement pursuant to art. 7.2;
  • leave a review as per art. 10;
  • ensure that the property entered into data base is well connected by public transport, regular supplies of electricity, water, gas, heating and toilets, which are all made available to the Guest;
  • guarantee that the Guest will have use of the bed for the period that the reservation was made
  • provide the Guest with the bed entered into data base, which has to have the following characteristics: double or single, both must be equipped with bedsprings, mattress, sheets, pillow(s), blankets, all laundered and already in the room of the property reserved for the exclusive use of the Guest, equipped with functioning windows and shutters, furnished with at least one wardrobe, with everything neat and clean.
  • provide the Guest with the shared solidarity meal if this has been booked;
  • organise the Guest’s typical experience if this has been booked;
  • guarantee use of the kitchen, if this is foreseen;
  • wait at home for the Guest(s) at least 30 minutes after the agreed arrival time
  • give their mobile phone number to all Guests expected to share the accommodation to ensure that they can be contacted easily

12.1 The Guest undertakes to:

  • not allow third parties to access the Host’s property;
  • respect the time of arrival at and departure from the Host’s property;
  • use courtesy and discretion towards the Host and their family and/or cohabitants;
  • not create unnecessary noise;
  • use the services that come with the bed (e.g. toilet and kitchen, if foreseen) with moderation, bearing in mind the needs of the Host and their family and/or cohabitants;
  • give their mobile phone number to the Host;
  • give their identification number to the Host;
  • inform the Host promptly if the trip has to be cancelled;
  • pay Joinbed the Contribution towards fixed costs and Booking Fees;
  • return the bed in the same condition that it was on arrival.

12.2 In any case, Guests are the only people who are directly responsible for any damage caused to the Host while staying at the property. Joinbed declines any responsibility in this regard.

12.3 In the event of a report that the Host or Guest did not fulfil one or more of these commitments despite the other User’s request and Joinbed has verified that this was indeed the case, it will publish or make these reports visible in the User’s profile, keeping the background information on file.

12.4 If such reports and requests for publication on the User’s profile take place frequently, such as to cause significant dysfunctions in the usability of the Services, Joinbed will be authorised to suspend access to the Site by the User temporarily, with the possibility of reactivating the User’s profile at JoinBed’s discretion and at the request of the party concerned.

Management of disputes between Users

13. In the event of differences of opinion between Users, Joinbed can make its own customer and legal assistance service available with a view to facilitating a settlement. Joinbed is not required to research and resolve such differences and may in the future decide to suspend the service.

13.1 In the event that a difference of opinion turns into a genuine dispute, Joinbed will be authorised to withhold the amounts paid by the Guest until an amicable agreement is reached between the Guest and the Host, or there is a court decision that decides the matter.

Cancellation Service – Payment Terms in the Event of Cancellation of a Bed

14. Joinbed offers Users a cancellation management service, in order to help reduce the risk of cancellations of beds that have been booked. Joinbed is not liable for any further compensation or responsibility with respect to what is explicitly stated below.

14.1 Both the Host and the Guest accept that, in the event of cancellation, the following provisions apply:

  • In the event that the cause of the cancellation is attributable, or deemed attributable, to the Host, the Guest is entitled to a full refund of the amount paid, including Booking Fees, and to nothing else for any reason. Joinbed is authorised to recover the amount of the Booking Fees lost in this way, due to the fault of the Host, deducting this amount from the Contribution towards fixed costs of the next online booking after the one that was cancelled.
  • If the cause of the cancellation is attributable, or deemed attributable, to the Guest, then the Guest will not receive any reimbursement. Joinbed is entitled to refund the Contribution towards fixed costs in favour of the Host and to withhold Booking Fees.

14.2 Any bed that becomes available again following the cancellation of a Guest’s booking in the circumstances mentioned above is automatically made available to other Guests for online booking through the Site and, in turn, subject to the same conditions.

Checking the mobile phone number

15. In order to increase mutual trust between Members, avoid typing errors and disused numbers, each User is asked to confirm their mobile phone number. To this end, the User will be asked to send a text message to Joinbed with a 5-digit code sent to them online.

15.1 Only the numbers of Italian mobile phones can be confirmed.

15.2 The service is free and any costs of sending such text messages will be paid for by Joinbed.

Limitations of liability

16. Joinbed will do everything to ensure that the Site is operational 24 hours a day. Nevertheless, on some occasions, access to the Site may be limited for repairs, maintenance or the introduction of new facilities and/or services, or it may be unavailable for reasons that do not depend on Joinbed. Joinbed does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions and the results deriving from the use of such information, nor for any technical problems that Users might have while using the Site.

16.1 If a User finds any defect, they are asked to contact Joinbed so that the problem can be solved as soon as possible.

16.2 Joinbed is not liable to Users for any economic, financial or business loss or any other damage caused, such as: damage to reputation, loss of profit, even temporary loss of money or loss of opportunities resulting from the service offered by Joinbed.

16.3 Joinbed’s responsibility to Users for any damage resulting from incorrect performance of the services is in any case limited to a maximum of € 30.00 for each stay.

16.4 Joinbed cannot be held liable for damages of any kind whatsoever that may occur for reasons such as:

  • communication by the Host of incorrect, partial or, in any case, wrong information about the location of the property and/or the characteristics of the bed;
  • cancellation of the stay by the Host or the Guest;
  • unlawful behaviour on the part of the Host or the Guest during, before or after the stay.

16.5 In any case, Users will not be entitled to any form of indemnity or compensation other than the reimbursements provided for in the event of Cancellation, and paid according to the conditions foreseen in point 14.1 et seq.


Interruption and suspension of access to the service and/or to the Site

17. Joinbed can – immediately and without notice – cancel the Jb Account of any User who has: a) committed a serious violation of the rules laid down in this Regulation; b) provided inaccurate, false, obsolete or incomplete information when registering their Jb Account or when subsequently entering their property or bed in the data base; c) violated laws, regulations or third party rights; i.e. in cases Joinbed believes, in good faith, that such action is needed to protect the safety or property of other Members, of Joinbed or third parties, for the prevention of fraudulent acts or for reasons of security.

17.1 Joinbed can also deactivate or delay the entry of the property or bed, the assessments or other Content submitted by Members on the Site, cancel all pending or confirmed reservations, limit usage or access to the Jb Account and to the Site, to alternative instruments to the Site or to the apps, temporarily or permanently revoke any special status associated with the Jb Account, or temporarily or permanently suspend the Jb Account of any User who has: a) violated this Regulation; b) received negative assessments by other Hosts or Guests; c) Joinbed believes in good faith that such action is needed to protect the security or property of the Members of Joinbed or third parties, for the prevention of fraudulent acts or for reasons of security. In the event of minor violations, the User will be notified of any measures taken by Joinbed and encouraged to solve the problem.

17.2 In the event of application of the measures pursuant to articles 17 and 17.1, Joinbed is not required to return to Users the Content entered in the data base (e.g. assessments or feedback) and, in any case, the User will not be able to restore their own Jb Account nor attempt to access and use the Site, the alternative tools to the Site through the Jb Accounts of other Members.

Intellectual property

18. The appearance and content of the Site is protected by Italian and international laws on copyright and Joinbed holds all rights in relation to the contents contained in it, if owned or licensed by Joinbed.

18.1 All rights reserved in relation to any registered or unregistered trademarks appearing on the Site (providing they are owned or licensed by Joinbed).

18.2 Any reproduction, duplication, copying, sale, resale or any other exploitation for commercial purposes without Joinbed’s express consent is prohibited. It is also forbidden to extract the Site’s contents or use parts of them without Joinbed’s written consent. In particular, data mining systems for any kind of reuse are strictly prohibited.

Content provided by Users

19. The User authorises Joinbed to show the contents and information provided by them and to use them for any internal management purposes.

19.1 Users are required not to post defamatory, deceptive or offensive content or content that infringes the intellectual property rights of others. Such contents are contrary to Joinbed policy, which is therefore not responsible for them. The User will be held responsible for any damage resulting from them.

19.2 From the moment that Joinbed becomes aware of any content that is deemed unsuitable, it will take steps to remove it as soon as possible.

Partner Sites

20. Joinbed reserves the right to reproduce the information shown in the Site. In particular, offers of beds published on sites managed or co-managed by Joinbed may be reproduced on other sites, including those of third parties.


21. Users can submit complaints regarding the Service offered by Joinbed or relating to the activity of other Users by writing to

21.1 Users have the obligation to report in writing any malfunction relating to the Services within 60 days from the date on which their overnight stay ended to allow Joinbed to verify whether it is possible to remedy the situation. After 60 days, any right to recourse is considered as forfeited.


23. In the event of a dispute, the Court of Rome will have jurisdiction.

Information on the processing of personal data

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