Alternative holidays in Italy: how to get yourself organised

Alternative holidays in Italy: how to get yourself organised

Taking alternative holidays in Italy is possible and anyone can do it

Those who call themselves real travellers do not like to go to super-equipped villages or hotels. Of course, you’d never say no to a holiday of this kind, but those who love to travel want to live a new experience, learn about different situations and cultures, immerse yourself in the everyday life of a distant country. It’s not just young people who as backpackers venture far from home, driven by a great passion and desire to see the world. More and more people are choosing what we could call alternative holidays in Italy (as well as other places), to dive into a whole new context for a few days.

How to take alternative holidays in Italy with shared tourism

You may think that you don’t have enough money to travel. But you’d be wrong! If you can save a little money each month, you can have yourself some great holidays. Just give up a little, maybe a couple of packs of cigarettes a month or a dinner out. So little? Precisely! You can take some alternative holidays in Italy and live new experiences spending only a few euros per night. Thanks to shared tourism, nowadays you can get in touch with people ready to host you and to share their lifestyle with you: it is the best way to understand what it means to live in a different reality from your own and to have a fascinating experience.

vacanze alternative italia

For example, you could spend a weekend picking olives with a farmer’s family, or you could spend a day surfing in a new place, or you could do yoga by the sea. If you fancy an alternative holiday in Italy, you should be aware that there are lots of people, hosts, who are willing to open the doors of their home and their lives.

Alternative holidays in Italy with Joinbed

Joinbed is the shared tourism portal where you can meet the hosts ready to let you live a new experience. Planning your next trip is easy: decide where you want to go, choose what you would like to do or what you would like to learn and look for a bed, a room or an apartment based on your budget.

Consult the proposals of the Joinbed hosts and contact them to decide when you can leave. The site is always being updated with new proposals, so there are no limits to the beauty and experiences that you can live in our beautiful Italy!

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