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Find low cost accommodation through Joinbed, but above all a unique and authentic travel experience

Marco and Felicity
21 July 2017

You haven’t decided yet where to spend your summer holidays and you don’t have time to start searching on the internet? Then don’t waste any more time, all you need to know is Joinbed to live a unique and different travel experience.

In this period, Joinbed is literally taking Italy by storm: a new online platform, which is actually a beautiful community, made up of all the people who believe in a different kind of tourism that respects the places that you visit, one that is lived in a conscious but above all shared way!

In fact, there is no better experience than to share unique and authentic moments of a journey with others, to spend time with the inhabitants of the place being visited and to get to experience local traditions and flavours.

In this way, each stay turns into a genuine experience. This type of tourism is becoming increasingly widespread: it is called experiential tourism, as it is lived together with the people who inhabit the places chosen by visitors for their holidays. This summer give yourself a vacation that, besides being regenerating and fun, lets you discover new places and activities by living unique experiences in the company of the local people.

Tourism has become increasingly aware: a new way of living holidays and leisure time is spreading. Don’t hesitate to learn more about Joinbed yourself and discover all the fantastic possibilities offered by the members of this community to make your moments of relaxation and rest unforgettable?

How Joinbed was born: a dream come true!


In May 2016 Marco Messina and his business partner Riccardo Carisi created Joinbed from an idea that at first sight is simple, but also extremely effective and innovative for the world of tourism and travel: how many Italians have houses that are too big and would like to share their space with people passing through their city for a period? Some Italians also have second homes that they don’t use throughout the year. This gave rise to the idea of combining these needs with the possibility that people can spend time together (and, why not, even earning something).

In fact, there are already several online platforms that offer this type of service, i.e. a room or a bed to sleep in, along with a bathroom and use of the kitchen when needed. But the Joinbed’s real novelty lies in giving its guests a chance to share sensory and life experiences.

Marco and Riccardo’s dream has become a reality, infecting so many other people this year who have seen in Joinbed the chance to transform their stay into a journey of the senses. But the great thing is that you can choose the type of experience that you want autonomously according to your desires, your curiosities and personal passions to live an unforgettable journey.

But how does Joinbed work?


You can choose to be a host or a guest.

The host is a local who provides a home, an apartment, sometimes even a masseria (a fortified farmhouse): there are different formulas for the stay that you can choose from according to your needs. Next to the reception and accommodation, each host also offers a series of activities to share with his guests to learn more about the places and typical traditions, and live unique experiences.

Want some examples? A dinner based on typical regional dishes, a course in homemade pasta, a mini-tour with a local, a day in the fields with a real farming family, a yoga course, a guitar lesson or a time with a make-up expert.

If you are a guest, you need to run a simple search on Joinbed: enter the name of the location you want to visit and all of the hosts available in that area will appear. You will be able to see what type of home is available and assess whether it matches your desires, putting you immediately in touch with the locals.

Each host has chosen a particular name for themselves, linked to the type of experience they offer. For example in Lazio, Aprilia to be precise, at “La Casa del Pastore” you can spend a day with a shepherd: graze with the sheep, milk the cows or simply feed the farm animals. And not only that. You can also taste excellent dinners with typical local cuisine prepared with the products of the earth.

What are the prices?

Certainly the costs of a holiday are never to be underestimated and the budget always has to be kept under control. With Joinbed, however, the prices are low and fixed for everyone. The idea is to spend less, but without depriving yourself of anything, while getting a professional, quality service!

For the future, the plan is to make this type of holiday and experiential tourism known and experienced first-hand by a growing number of people. The goal is to bring this project to the whole of Italy and the rest of Europe over the next 5 years.

Joinbed: home for you, experience you do!

After so many words, we will now transport you – with a video – to the experience lived by Marco Messina at “La Casa del Pastore”.


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