Joinbed: the shared tourism portal

Joinbed: the shared tourism portal

Travel and host through the shared tourism of the Joinbed community

Travel while saving money and coming into contact with the true reality of the place you are visiting: all this is now possible thanks to Joinbed, the shared tourism portal, and a virtual place where tourists and hosts can meet to live a unique experience, within the possibility of anyone’s budget.

What shared tourism means and how it works

Do you like surfing? Yoga? Cooking? Would you like to live for a day like a farmer or fish on the banks of a stream? Would you like to spend time with an artist or learn the secrets of creative recycling? You can do all this and more while visiting a new place thanks to Joinbed’s shared tourism.

Choose your experience and go. All it takes is a few euros a day! Thanks to the Joinbed community, you can come into contact with people ready to host you and share their lifestyle with you. There are several packages you can choose from on the site: you can book a bed, an apartment or even a masseria (a fortified farmhouse) and meet people ready to teach you something new or help you live an unforgettable experience. You can enjoy a typical dinner, take yoga or guitar lessons, or learn the secrets of naturopathy: there is no limit to the possibilities that this new way of travelling offers.

Shared tourism: how to travel or host with Joinbed

turismo condiviso joinbed


Travel via Joinbed  is very simple, you need just a few simple steps to book your next vacation:

  • register on the site
  • choose the location where you would like to go
  • decide which host is right for you and which environment you would like to stay in
  • find the experience you would like to live and … pack your bags!


On the other hand, if you have a structure or space and you would like to host travellers, you can become a host of the Joinbed community as follows:

  • register on the site
  • configure your structure by accessing the control panel. It will be included in the search lists on the site and made available to travellers. Remember to add the additional services that you would like to offer: such as a dinner with typical local cuisine, transport to or from the station or airport, or some other experience that you would like to share;
  • consult the control panel to know how many people have chosen your structure, you can also exchange messages with them and check the status of payments.

If you too believe in the idea of shared tourism, make your move: join our community!

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