5 ideas for travelling in Italy low cost

5 ideas for travelling in Italy low cost

Here are some ideas for travelling without spending a fortune

How many times have you said that you needed lots of money to travel? Well, it’s not like that at all. In this article we will explain how to visit beautiful places without spending a fortune, there are wonderful experiences that can be had without breaking the bank. We who live in Italy also have the good fortune to live in a wonderful country that really offers everything from tourism, art and landscape point of view. In this article we will give you some ideas for low cost travel that you should take advantage of immediately!

1. Choose the right period

The cost of a trip can be affected enormously by the month in which it is taken: there are low season periods where accommodation costs far less. Giving up a few days of summer vacation in the crucial month of August could give you a few more days at the beach in June or September to spend in total relaxation.

2. Take advantage of special offers and discounts on transport

idee per viaggiare low cost

Si possono trovare offerte di voli o viaggi in treno scontatissimi e per farlo bisogna consultare spesso le tariffe. A volte si tratta di promozioni temporanee delle compagnie aeree, a volte può trattarsi di errori da parte loro che consentono però di acquistare biglietti a prezzi imbattibili. Anche i last minute offrono numerose opportunità di risparmio, a patto che tu sia pronto a fare le valigie in poco tempo.

3. Book at the last moment

Do you want to sleep in a fabulous hotel and pay very little? Try searching in the late afternoon for accommodation that same evening. It is worth knowing that if hotels have empty rooms, they are often willing to sell them at huge discounts.

4. Take advantage of apps and sites

You have finally arrived at the place of your vacation and you would like to add a show or an experience to the package? Do not book them in advance, but take advantage of apps and sites of the event that interests you as they may well offer discounts.

5. Ideas for travelling: shared tourism

idee per viaggiare yoga

Shared tourism  is the new way to travel to wonderful places while spending very little. On portals like Joinbed you can choose vacation packages with experiences that are truly unique. You just need to choose the destination, decide what you want to do and where you want to sleep and you will be put in touch with various people willing to host you.

The great thing is that you can immerse yourself in their reality even for just one day, during a period that you decide. Do you want to do a mini-cooking course? A hike in the mountains? Would you like to have a yoga holiday? Look up Joinbed offers from various hosts and get ready to start spending only a few euros a day.

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